Flat Water and Beach Training

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If you are lucky enough to live by the beach, what better place to cross train for surfing, than at the beach, This is another program used by Simon to stay fit during flat spells. The workout is designed for 30 to 40 minutes flat out with no rests. As with all the other programs here, start smaller and build up slowly. It involves all aspects of sufing with some circuits and cardio thrown in.

Equipment needed. Suitable wetsuit and gear appropriate for the time of year, (same as if you were going surfing),  your regular surfboard.

A good warm up is needed,  really getting all areas of the body pretty warm before starting. A 5 minute jog followed by lots of movement of the areas to be used. Your warm up should last between 10 and 15 minutes.

• Stamina. Endurance paddle, non stop around 500m. Duck dive, or for bigger boards turtle roll, every 10 paddle strokes.

• Into beach. 400m run. 10 x pop ups.

• Interval training. Beach start, sprint into sea. 100 paddles out. Sprint 10 strokes, 10 stroke normal pace. same back in.

• Into beach. 400m run. 10x plyometric press ups, (press up, jump with hands away from sand).

• Sprint into sea. 100 paddles out. Sprinting. Same back in.

• Into beach 400m run. 10x burpees.

• Sprint into sea. 500m paddle, gradually slowing last 100m to bring to warm down of long streched out gentle strokes.

Get out, stay warm, stretch, drink plenty of fluidseat to replenish energy.