Circuit Training for Surfing

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Again a programme should be chosen to work on areas needed for surfing such as power, stamina and strength. This is again a programme used by Simon and is something to start with small repetitions (number of each exercise) and sets (each exercise) and build up week on week.

Equipment needed. Not much, suitable loose fitting clothing allowing you to move freely and space in which to move in. Dining room chair.

A good warm up is needed really getting all areas of the body pretty warm before starting. A 5 minute jog followed by lots of movement of the areas to be used. Your warm up should last between 10 and 15 minutes.

• Exercise 1. Normal press ups x 10.

• Exercise 2. Stomach crunches (of your choice) x 10.

• Exercise 3. Pop ups 10x.

• Exercise 4. Press ups, jumping off hands and clapping between each rep x 10. Works on explosive power. (Plyometric training).

• Exercise 5. Core. Lie on back raise legs and upper body (straight back). Hold 30 seconds.

• Exercise 6. Burpees x 10.

• Exercise 7. Press ups. Start with one hand in front of shoulder line, one hand behind, jump and alternate hands. (getting tough now).

• Exercise 8. The plank. Hold 30 seconds.

• Exercise 9. Using chair, tricep dips x 10.

• Exercise 10. Stomach crunches (of your choice) x 10.

• Exercise 11. Normal press up, jump wide, press up x 10.

Rest 1 minute and repeat as many times as needed. Build up by increasing number of reps and number of sets. Stretch, drink plenty of fluids and eat to replenish energy levels