Our Green Policy

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Here at AberAdventures and as surfers with a love for the great outdoors, we are passionate about caring for the environment we live in and the world around us. So we do have a green policy to ensure as a business, we have a minimal impact on the environment, both locally and globally.

Our pledge

• Actively encourage sustainable living to all our staff and customers.To continually monitor and update our green policy.

• To continually monitor the market place to ensure we can use and supply the greenest products available.

• To join and contribute to the charities devoted to our principles.

• We try to live and run our business by the very basic principle of “reduce, reuse, re-cycle”

Transport and travel

Unfortunately the nature of our business does mean that we have to transport equipment by van to and from our lesson and hire locations, but we do maintain the following principles.

Adopt a “feather foot” approach to driving. This means avoiding hard acceleration and braking, to minimise the amount of fuel used.

Ensure our vehicle is properly maintained to run as efficiently as possible. Check the vehicle every time it is used. Oil, coolant, tyre pressures, again to ensure maximum efficiency.

Manage our bookings effectively to minimise journeys.

10% discount to all those travelling to the area for our lessons using public transport, cycling or walking.

(Only available for full price lessons. Not available for school lessons, or any discounted offer).


Source and stock companies ‘green’ ranges where possible and actively promote these to our customers. Adopting the advice ethos of; “think of the impact of the purchase on the environment not just the pocket” Although there is much controversy surrounding certain products, they are a step in the right direction! This also means we will not actively promote any product, that we consider damaging or negative, towards our planet and inhabitants.

Produce our own equipment using the greenest materials available. Organic, recycled and ethical.

Select suppliers as close to home as possible to minimise transportation.

The surf industry does unfortunately still use many materials that are harmful to the environment, but we aim to stock products that although may not be green are less harmful than others.

We actively promote purchasing epoxy resin boards over polyester resin. Although not perfect, epoxy resin has far less harmful properties and is generally tougher, so products have a longer life expectancy.


We bank as ethically as we can, choosing Triodos. This bank has very high standards for ethical investment and will only support businesses, with a strong sustainable business model that benefit the planet and its inhabitants.

We only send out electronic invoices and encourage our suppliers to do the same. We are moving away from all forms of 'paperwork.' Since starting AberAdventures we have removed 90% of our paper enrolment forms for our activities, in favour of electronic forms.


Recycle and compost organic materials as much as possible.

Reuse packaging materials from our suppliers and any other packaging sent to us and encourage our customers to do the same. We have a huge stash of padded envelopes, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap etc. We do unfortunately, at times have to clear some out and recycle it to make space.

• Continually encourage our suppliers to use recycled packaging that can also be recycled.

• Reduce the paper we generate. We request all invoices and literature from suppliers is electronically sent.

• All our instructors have their own travel mugs, re-usable water containers and lunch boxes. We actively promote this ethos to our customers.

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