Skateboard Training for Surfing

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Skateboarding originally evolved from surfing, as surfers wanted to emulate surfing moves on dry land. It has further evolved into many sub categories and disciplines of it’s own.

As a surfer, skating manoeuvres can be very similar and really help with body positioning, balance and muscle memory. Ramp skating can be fantastic for helping the body to remember positioning as it is almost like a stationary, non changing wave face, the coping being the lip. Unfortunately it involves ‘delicacy’ meaning that using the power from your legs and core as you would for a big hack off the top in surfing tends to end in disaster and a wipeout on the ramp. Frontside and backside ollies are fantastic practice for airs, as body positioning throughout the move are very similar.

Ramp skating is a hard discipline and dangerous, no one wants to get injured for when the surf’s pumping! Longboard skateboards offer the best cross training for most of us, as it is easier to pick up quickly and begin practicing some of the fundamentals of surfing; stance, body position, carving and pumping. This of course can also be taken to high levels and downhill skating can also be very dangerous! Carveboards have been around for a few years now and are used by many coaches worldwide.