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Changes due to Covid19 Social distancing measures

During restrictions due to Covid 19 we have made changes to the way we run activities to enable safe social distancing, to protect staff, customers, the genral public and prevent the further spread of the virus.

We operate in an outdoor environment and the nature of our activities means social distancing of 2 metres can be easily adhered to. When it comes to meeting for activities and equipment handling, we do need to modify our operating procedure to protect, staff, customers, the general public and prevent the spread of Coronavirus. We will be constantly monitoring and adapting these procedures, to ensure we are complient with up to date guidance and legislation.

As of Monday 13th July the Welsh Government has relaxed restrictions and now up to 30 people from different households can gather for organised outdoor activities.  We have decided to limit our lessons to 16 at present and review the policy on Friday 24th July.  

We require everyone to maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres between each other, (unless they are from within a group that have travelled together for the activity or live in the same household).

Coronovirus Smptoms

If you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms of Coronavirus. PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL for your activity.We ask that you get in touch to arrange a re-schedule and closely follow self-isolating guidelines, to minimise the spread of the virus.

IMPORTANT Pre-activity requisites

Please complete waivers and questionnaires prior to leaving for your activity.This will include supplying us with detailed clothing measurements. Our staff can then allocate you the correct fitting wetsuit equipment before you arrive. Without this information you may experience a lengthy delay in joining your activity. A correct fitting wetsuit will keep you warmer, more comfortable and generally takes between 5 and 10 minutes to change into. It is also very difficult for even our experienced staff to gauge a wetsuit size, when socially distancing.

Your arrival at the lesson meeting location

Beach side car parking is limited at our Borth location. There is plenty of parking within a 2-minute walk. Please maintain social distancing by making use of available parking.

Issuing wetsuit equipment

We have always sized people up for wetsuits upon meeting, but in doing so staff cannot maintain the required 2m distance. It is essential that customers complete pre-activity questionnaires and waivers, prior to arriving for an activity. These questionnaires ask for detailed measurements of all participants. Our staff will allocate the correct fitting wetsuit equipment and maintain social distancing measures.Failure to complete questionnaires can create significant delays for you joining your activity.

During your activity

Throughout your activity please maintain the required 2m social distance from everyone, not living in the same house as you. Staff will run activities accordingly to ensure this is maintained.

Lesson end at the beach

All customers will be expected to return all equipment to the AberAdventures van in a clean sand free condition. This includes surfboards, leashes and westuit equipment. We ask guardians to ensure this, for equipment used by children in their care. We ask this, to safeguard our staff and have minimal contact with equipment prior to sterilising and loading into the van. If equipment is sandy, we will ask that it is returned to the sea to be swilled off.

After changing

Again to safeguard our staff and minimise handling of equipment, we require customers or guardians to wash and soak wetsuits in a container designated to you, your family or the group you have travelled to the activity with.