Yoga For Surfing

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Flexibility is vital part of anyones fitness and is especially important in surfing. Yoga is a fantastic way to increase flexibility and can help to reduce injuries. Fantastic for core stability, strength and balance, promotes relaxation and focuses the mind. You should be aiming to fit in at least 2 yoga sessions a week if you are regularily surfing or training.

There are many ways to learn and practice yoga, but the best and safest way to learn is to join a local class. It is much better to learn the correct techniques on a more personal level. If a class isn’t your cup of tea there are many other available, including a range of DVD’s “Yoga for surfers” which is aimed at a surfers specific needs, mobile phone app’s and of course tutorials via youtube etc.

When choosing a programme,  series of asanas (postures) it is important to think about what your personal needs are.

As a surfer your primary concerns should be;

• Increasing flexibility through all areas of the body, but a large focus on hamstrings, lower back, hips and shoulders

• Core strength and stability.

• Balance.