Why pre-book?

Pre-booking is essential, to ensure you get the lessons or equipment you wish to hire, at a suitable time. Please give us at least 48 hours notice. During peak season we are exceptionally busy, so please bear with us, if we are unable to answer the phone or emails very quickly.

We live in an area, governed by the tides, winds and weather. Our activity schedules require careful planning, to make allowances for these unpredictable variables, at a number of locations.

We get a great many enquiries on the day, from people requiring lessons or to hire equipment and we often have to turn people away, due to:

• Conditions being inadequate, (often too dangerous).

• Having missed the apropriate time for the activitity, due to the tide or conditions.

• Being at the wrong location.

• Having no other bookings and no staff availability to make an activity happen.

Please, please, please give us at the very least, 48 hours notice prioir to your requested day.

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